The Windsors: A Royal Family – Family Affairs

The Windsors: A Royal Family - Family Affairs

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  1. A royal family? What exactly have they done for the people? Did they come up with a cure for cancer or AIDS? Sorry, but I cannot bow at the ankles to a family that so many look up to for no reason unless they are brainwashed.

    I read the book "War of the Windsors". Interesting read and what a dysfunctional family. And how did they get so rich? Due to pillaging over the hundreds of years.

  2. When Elizabeth married Philip, technically the House of Windsor should've ended. And it's real name is the German House of SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN-SONDERBURG-GLUCKSBURG or House of GLUCKSBURG for short, if Philip did not abandon his Danish or Greek titles. Or maybe the another German House of BATTENBERG (Philip's maternal family) or House of MOUNTBATTEN, the latter being the adoptive British surname of Philip. But the all-male line descendants of Philip and Elizabeth use the surname MOUNTBATTEN-WINDSOR if needed.

  3. What a joke that Charles couldn't marry a Catholic, divorcee or anyone else but a virgin, he has married all of those and he will b soon b Head of the Church of England!!

  4. SAXE-COBURG GOTHA to respect one is to allow them to be who they truly are!

  5. The British as usual invaded land that wasn't and isn't theirs. No matter how long it takes they will be totally OUT of South America, nothing in SA belongs to you! Thieves!

  6. the queen is the Queen .long live Elizabeth the second.God bless the Queen. Glory to God.

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