Meghan Markle Back in Canada While Prince Harry Faces Royal Family | Daily Pop | E! News

After Meghan & Harry’s departure from royal duties, Queen Elizabeth II holds an assembly with the royal family! Plus, how is Oprah involved?

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Meghan Markle Back in Canada While Prince Harry Faces Royal Family | Daily Pop | E! News
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  1. oh I know why Oprah was brought into it……because she's black and we're all racist…..good grief…

  2. Mexit must pay their own security not us in Canada 🇨🇦. They can go to the USA 🇺🇸 and Americans can pay for their security out of their pockets in taxes. Independent? they want from their country and family then they PAY their way Not Canadian’s. Our taxes are high and we should not have to pay for these rich brats out of our Canadian pockets. The 1.5 million in security can come out of their pockets. Meghan sounds like a trouble maker and Prince Harry don’t let this woman divide you from your family. Meghan just another self-entitled American that many of us are fed up with with the recent Ukrainian plane ✈️ missile attack. Canadians and all the passengers became collateral damage for the USA wars. Meghan you knew what you were getting into after dear Diana and her passing. The queen is now your family and your an American trouble maker. What’s new?

  3. they got a colored girl in there, tainting the royal blood. Who the hell Didn't think there would be problems? The coloreds all live for problems. She's bad enough but she also has her mother coaching her, I'm sure. There goes the neighborhood, as we used to say..

  4. Harry is supporting his wife by leaving the royal family–HIS family, HIS country, HIS home and all that HE has ever known to support his wife and SHE can't even be there for the post-apocalyptic family discussion? She wants to go be with her son?!? I call bull hockey on that!! Are they too afraid to be in the UK with "her son"?? I heard Meghan had to be conference called in for the big family discussion 🙄 FFS🤮 I was trying my level best to be understanding & supportive here but the way in which they've chosen to do this is all so shady & deceitful that I've lost all respect for them. Not that my opinion matters 1 bit but how much more selfish can 2 people be?!? I suppose setting this dumpster fire in the Queen's lap probably takes the Cake. Nevermind that she's nearly 💯 🙈 Have they no concern for anyone else's feelings?!? Is it ALL about them?

    Someone should remind Megxit that at the end of the day when the crown comes off, "the Queen" is still Harry's Grandmother & Archie's Great-Grandmother. The couple previously described the queen as supportive, welcoming AND accommodating to them, so if that is true this really is a gigantic, disrespectful slap in her 93 yr old face.

  5. This people enjoy this like they having an ice scream like they know what's going on is disgusting and insane how racism has gone so far

  6. Frogmoore Free bed and breakfast for all British tax payers. Then they can eat cake too. Happy to see they couple could cut down their carbon footprint

  7. Harry is worth 50 million Megan 5 million. Ophra, the Cloonys, Beyonce JayZ all billionaires. They will be billionaires in a few years, Heck, they can make millions on lawsuits alone now.

  8. Per Canadian PM Justin Trudeau:
    Canada will provide PH & MM with Security when they are in the country.

  9. Life goes on. If Harry and his wife wanna quit, they will. They have, officially, announced it. However, I personally think, If they wanna come back…… Harry himself can always come back. I think Harry and the kids are pretty safe. Megan…mmmmm, she will be ok. The kid(s)??? Oh they r gonna be ok. Harry and William??? They will be ok. May be its time to walk off on their own path for a while, and see who actually belong where, and with whom. They r young.


  11. I hope Harry doesn’t regret his decision. I totally get his desire of a happy and private life, but I also hope Meghan is worth all this drama and she doesn’t make him miserable and leave him in few years. She already ditched her family and now she wants to separate Harry from his. What would Diana think of her for separating her two son after been so close?. Meghan knew what she was getting into. Hopefully she does what Wallis Simpson did and stay with her husband to the end.

  12. Gold digger. You know what you were getting into. Dirty Hollywood liberal spoiled brat

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