Kate Middleton: Beauty hacks revealed

Organic instead of Botox: Arabella Preston reveals the beauty secrets of the Duchess

London, 21.01.2019

Kate Middleton is a role model for millions of women around the world. Her complexion is always flawless, her skin always wrinkle-free and she is always perfectly styled. How does she attain such a perfect look? Her make-up artist, Arabella Preston, has now revealed the Duchess’ beauty hacks in an interview:

1. Her flawless skin
The Duchess uses biotulin for her skin. Biotulin is an organic botox gel that works against wrinkles. It is a natural anti-wrinkle gel. It smooths wrinkles within just one hour. Biotulin is massaged directly onto the skin. The effect lasts for up to eight hours. Approximately € 49,00 www.biotulin.de

2. Her nails
The protocol dictates that nails should be natural for official occasions. Kate therefore chooses nude-colored nail polish from Kure Bazaar for healthy, shiny nails. Approximately € 16,90 .

3. Her hair
The secret of her shiny hair is a glow booster. A natural, sulphate-free 2-in-1 product from her private and official hairdresser Richard Ward’s Chelsea Collection. Kate performs cleansing and gets an extra dose of moisture in one step and the result is impressive. Approximately € 69.00

4. Her lashes.
According to insiders, the Duchess rounds off her subtle smoky eyes with Lancôme’s volumising mascara. By the way, that is an absolute bestseller. Approximately € 38.50

5. Her perfume
On her wedding day, the bride used the fragrance “Bluebell” from Penhaligon’s. The perfume smells of citrus in the top note and has a floral middle note. On her wedding day, the princess smelt refreshingly of bluebells, hyacinths, lilies, jasmine and roses. approx. €75