HRH Princess Alexandra's wedding (3)

Mr. Peregrine Fairfax produces a ring (0.05). I am seen to be moved beyond words (0:38 – 0:42). Archduchess Elisabeth of Austria knows not a word of English (1:04). Princess Marina wipes a tear from her nostril (1:13). Margot is spellbound (1:17).Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother re-enacts the last 8 furloughs of the finish at Epsom for Prince Charles who expresses his disapproval (1:21). Foreign diplomats yearn for the service to be over (1.:28).
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  1. Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret always curtsied to their papa and mummie.
    The same goes for the Queens children , grandchildren and probably their great grandchildren when old enough

  2. hey..dint c it before..pretty cute..should bridesmaids also curtsey? i dont think pippa curtsied …They must have chucked hat tradition…

  3. C'mon..Alexandra was asking her to set the train right..and Anne was tellin u move on..i will set it…not bossing..nyway anne deserves to boss

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