Duchess of Cornwall gets nostalgic visiting East Sussex farm

The Duchess of Cornwall petted a four-day-old spring lamb – and reminisced about her childhood – today as she visited a farm just a mile or so from where she grew up.

Camilla was at Allington Farm, near Lewes in East Sussex, just over the hill from her family home.

The Duchess was there to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Jamie’s Farm, a charity that helps enable disadvantaged young people to thrive academically, socially and emotionally by combining farming, family and therapy.

Report by Lily Thomas.

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Camilla celebrates her 72nd birthday today – take a look back at some of the Duchess of Cornwall’s highlights.

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  1. It is nice to see that she make Prince Charles happy but knowing what they've done to Lady Diana their relationship seems very wrong…

  2. I find it hard to accept her as Queen Consort; I think she is a good egg overall, but she should’ve done better by Diana and leave Charles alone. All in the past now, but for some like myself, a little more time is needed to truly move on from what her and Charles did.

  3. Very nice Jamies Farms and nice inaguration by Duchess of Cornwell….look at nature's beauty in the farm…13 piglets female pig born without any Gyne help and taking care of them so well…this is nature's pureness and reality….we humans needs care always but cannot compete with these animals care in farms or in jungles they raise kids without any help just with their motherly skills they are gifted with they do so purely…an example for mankind…

  4. She wears such beautiful clothes and is appropriately dressed for every occasion. 🙂

  5. Complimenti alla Duchessa Camilla per come gestisce bene da dieci anni il Patronage della Jamie's-Farm.

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