Champagne in his beard!

I never will get rid of my beard!

Ben Affleck interview

Stars Life: Mr Affleck, how are you?

Ben Affleck: Good, very good. Are you talking about my alcohol problems?

Stars Life: We heard you did equine therapy. Can you tell us about that?

Ben Affleck: Working with horses helped me a lot. But fishing, hiking, and rafting also distracted me from my real problems. A great experience.

Stars Life: But you’re not getting rid of your beard, right?

Ben Affleck: No, definitely not! I love my beard and I put a lot of effort into caring for it and maintaining it.

Stars Life: Do you have any tips about taking care of your beard?

Ben Affleck: Only if you don’t tell anyone! I use a combination of wonderful oils and champagnes.

Stars Life: Champagne for your beard?

Ben Affleck: Exactly. Champagne makes your beard shiny and beautifully soft. The secret is called George. A special beard oil with real champagne. George is sprayed on your beard and not massaged in by hand. Each hair gets its own drop of champagne. Crazy, right? But it works.

Stars Life: Ben Affleck takes care of his beard with champagne. A great story!

Ben Affleck beard secret
I use a combination of wonderful oils and champagnes