Prince William and Kate along with Prince George and Princess Charlotte arrive in Victoria

Prince William and Kate along with their two children, George and Charlotte, step off the plane in Victoria, B.C. to begin their royal visit to Canada. The Royal Family was greeted by Canadian dignitaries including the prime minister and governor gener…
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The 2-year-old royal might just be her late grandmother’s mini-me.
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  1. I'm unsure if it's George's first time meeting a head of state and a Governor General. He will meet many of them when he gets a lot older.

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  3. I hope royal children are being raised in the tradition of Islam. England's future state religion.

  4. The boy staying beside the women in red has no matters, he has his hands in his poker in front of a lady and royals. This is a big no no. ……

  5. Well,guess the old ladies and dudes that are gay will have alot to discuss with this royal visit.yay.

  6. She resembles her maternal grandmother Carol Middleton and a young Catherine.

  7. If they want to keep this monarchy, it is much favorable to say she looks like Diana

  8. she is a very very cute little girl but she doesn't look like Diana at all,she is a spitting image of queen Elisabeth II.

  9. She looks lìke the Queen…., are they blind? And George has something of Diana and Diana's family..

  10. Lol one girl got a fat face and the other long face plus the eyebrows are way off but if you meant their both white girl than yeah theyre twins lol

  11. she looks like the queen or carole middleton i cant decide yet shes still a little girl.

  12. She looks more like The Queen. But her hair grows like Princess Diana and her Sweetness comes from Diana.

  13. She looks like the Queen. Her brother looks like his maternal grandfather (Kate's father)

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