Olivia Wilde Shows Us the Last Thing on Her Phone | Glamour

Olivia Wilde Shows Us the Last Thing on Her Phone | Glamour

Olivia Wilde shows us the last thing on her phone. What’s her favorite emoji? What’s the last text message she sent? What apps does she use on her phone? Olivia stars in Booksmart, in theaters May 24. Get tickets now: https://tickets.booksmart.movie/


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Olivia Wilde Shows Us the Last Thing on Her Phone | Glamour

Jason Sudeikis talks about Bugs Bunny, working with his fiancée Olivia Wilde on her new movie Booksmart, their long engagement and his Big Slick Charity event with David Koechner, Rob Riggle, Paul Rudd & Eric Stonestreet. SUPPORT HERE: https://bigslickkc.org/

Lena Waithe’s Guest Host Monologue on Jimmy Kimmel Live https://youtu.be/X_y_pcq8XYM

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Jason Sudeikis on Long Engagement to Olivia Wilde & Their Movie Booksmart

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  1. Booksmart cast and members are authentic I feel jealous I can only imagine being friends with all of them.

  2. Remember me before I sink deep deep in the comments (who else is here before 1,000 views)

  3. Did Paul Rudd graduate early?
    Cause he can't be 7 years older than Jason Sudeikis….

  4. Such a sad state of affairs when a husband cant say that hes "proud of" his wifes work.

  5. 6 years engaged? Lol, they're never getting married. One of those couple that just commits without legal rights and benefits. Hosts should get a clue and stop asking

  6. So Paul Rudd is 7 years older than Sudeikis but looks at least 7 years younger than him…Damn that man has for sure made a deal with the Dark Lord for eternal youth it seems… Him and Tom Cruise both don't seem to have aged a day over the past 15-20 years!!!! I so love me some Paul Rudd!!!

  7. I’m sorry it’s not “their” movie. It’s Olivia’s. He’s in it sure but it’s her movie

  8. To all the people saying they won’t last because they’re not married yet:
    Me and my husband were together 12 years and had two children together before we got married. Love keeps people together, not marriage ❤️

  9. He was so on point when commending her. “I didn’t make her. I’m not surprised because she kicks ass at everything she does.” They are effing awesome

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