How Catherine Zeta-Jones Stays Close to Her Son Now That He's Away in College

It was a family affair as Catherine Zeta-Jones was honored by the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama Friday.

“Extra” was with Zeta-Jones and her children Dylan and Carys, as they opened up about Dylan going away to college and more.
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Will Smith, Ryan Reynolds and Catherine Zeta-Jones Talk Accents – The Graham Norton Show
There’s a wide variety of accents on display on the couch this week. Canadian… Welsh… Nigerian…

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  1. Omg is that there first child the one with dad and grandpa plus a baby? Damn he's hot and gorgeous…

  2. I just love their camaraderie. The way Catherine said “only things like these happen to him” was so funny.

  3. why?oh!why?she dosn't need that frozen face.she shoud age gracefuly.because when u r pretty when u r young .u wll be always pretty when u age.

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